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Theatre Subtitling / Simultaneous Translation

“….it is the arrival of surtitles that have really made foreign-language productions accessible to those of us who do not speak or understand enough to get by. Without them I suspect many such shows wouldn’t get an English-speaking audience.”

Lynn Gardner. Guardian Theatre Blog 2014.

Theatre Subtitling or Simtrans (Simultaneous Translation) allows venues to improve access to arts events for tourists, English Language Students, and people who do not have English as their first language.

“Thank you very very much for your support, understanding, energy and encouragement. You are a good person. I won´t forget.”

Marivi Rodriguez.  Festival of Spanish Theatre 2016.

Foreign Language productions can be supported with sub-titles in English.

If the production is in English, non-English speaking audience members can fully engage with the production with sub-titles in their own language out-put to LED displays or personal display devices such as tablets and smart-eye glasses.

It is also possible to support productions by out-putting in multiple languages simultaneously. Different languages can be shown on separate LED displays or you are out-putting to tablets there is a dropdown menu of the languages available.

D4 also supply smart media players and our bespoke app to offer wireless transmission to LCD and Plasma displays. An excellent innovation for touring productions where set up time is at a premium.

Latest Developments in Theatre Subtitling Technology

Digital 4 continues to commit time and resources to develop our Theatre sub-title systems.

We are delighted to work with clients on specific projects; problem solving, improving design, extending choice, and utilising the latest developments in display technology.

Please contact us at for more details..