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Thomson Craighead

“Hello World” Shrewsbury Arts Centre / Digital Art 

Hello World is the latest in a number of artworks by Thomson Craighead to be manufactured and installed by Digital 4.

We have worked with them since 2006 on projects including Flat Earth, Decorative Newsfeeds (Forest Hill), Light form Tomorrow, and Decrotive Newsfeeds (Cambridge).

As artists, we have worked with Roger many times over the last ten years on projects ranging from large scale sculptural displays to small discreet gallery works. It is always a delight working with him: he is a constant professional with unbeatable creative solutions.  He drives each project with boundless energy and a commitment  to detail that is a rare and wonderful gift.

Hello World was commissioned for the re-opening of Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery alongside the launch of a new space dedicated to the Frank Cohen collection and a series of other commissions installed around the museum.

A large ultrabright LED sign displays our current world population in realtime, updating in response to statistical sources. The vertical mirroring of this simple macroview of our world transforms the information into a decorative totem – an object of contemplation taking the place ordinarily reserved for a more conventional timepiece

Thomson Craighead

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