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As artists, we have worked with Roger many times over the last ten years on projects ranging from large scale sculptural displays to small discreet gallery works. It is always a delight working with him: he is a constant professional with unbeatable creative solutions. He drives each project with boundless energy and a commitment to detail that is a rare and wonderful gift.

For over 15 years Roger Graham and D4 have enjoyed working closely with Artists to manufacture, supply and install Artworks that use LED and Digital technology.

We specialise in bespoke LED displays and software – from conception, through design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and after sales support.

Whether you just need a simple LED display that will show scrolling text, a full colour LED display that will play content on a loop, or a bespoke display that draws content from an RSS feed, remote database, sensors, or even from an I-Phone, if it can be done, we will be able to help.

Customers include Michael Pinsky, Thomson Craighead, Hans Bernard, The Caroll Fletcher Gallery, Frieze Art Fair, and Santiago Sierra

Please contact us at for more details.