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The next generation of Caption Units are now available

Digital 4 in association with Signblazer Ltd has launched the next generation of full-colour LED displays for captioning.

New RGB surface-mount LEDs allow you to out-put captions in any colour that you choose and in any font and point size.

Our original single colour Caption Units were designed specifically for mid to large size auditoria. New software and hardware developments mean that we can now offer D4 RGB Venue Displays if different sizes, pitch and resolutions to optimize their effectiveness in your venue

Our new software also means that you can now use one display for theatre captioning, opera surtitling, and simultaneous foreign language subtitling.

A hardware upgrade is available to convert Standard Caption Units to single colour D4 Venue displays.

These displays retain the capacity to import and display files created for the standard caption units (stg. files) and can be operated by Stagetext trained Captioners

Please contact us at for more details.

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