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Enquiries, Consultancy and Proposals

We are the market leader in systems that deliver prepared or live text support for audiences. We also work extensively with Theatre Designers and Artists. These solutions are often transferable and we have extensive experience offering digital solutions to Business, supplying bespoke LED displays and interfacing with databases and other systems.

All enquiries are welcome, and we will try to understand your requirements in full detail. We take a consultative approach, offer best advice, and will then send you a detailed proposal for your consideration.

Design and Integration

We specialise in writing software and integrating with display technology to provide a comprehensive solution that meets your requirements.


Digital 4 has developed long-standing relationships with a team of UK based software writers, LED display manufacturers and display technology suppliers to offer our clients the best, the most appropriate, and the most cost-effective service.

Installation, Commissioning and Training

We manage the complete implementation of projects including ongoing user-training.

After Sales Support

We offer a full range of warranties, on-site and remote support.